Fr.-So. 03.-05. July 2020 Schloss Mamling


Ngoma Mbodji

NGoma MBodji stammt aus Dakar (Senegal). He is in a Griot- Born family and has already 12 Years started his training at the "Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor du Senegal". He has a history, Choreography, Dramaturgy, Studied dance and percussion. His father, a well known griot- Writer (Ndongo MBODJI), documented the show "Senegal DEMB- Past Senegal "in television and radio. "Griot" are people, the story, Preserve and nurture art and culture. You are responsible, that Africa remains alive. They spread their knowledge to the public and pass it to the subsequent generations. Since 1994 Ngoma teaches African dance and percussion in Europe. Its sphere of activity is very comprehensive. He is the founder of the musical group "Cafe Touba".

Andreas Achleitner

Andreas Achleitner organizes various cultural events. He lives and works in Mamling / Upper Austria. His interests - Openness to new ideas, People, Events, Independence, Optimism, Life, Sports and Nature.