Fr.-So. 05.-07. July 2019 Schloss Mamling

Campingplatz und Unterkünfte

Our campsite with showers and toilet facility is located immediately adjacent to the festival grounds. It is possible that car or. to park the caravan right at the campground next to the tent.
About 100 Meters from the campsite, is the beautiful lake Gundhollinger.

Camping fees and rules:

Per vehicle per entrance € 15, -,,de,€ 15,–,,en. Pro Person (Arrival Friday, Saturday & Sunday) € 15,–.
The campsite is only for long-term parking, Grass damage due to back- and forth to avoid!!
For smooth and out of consideration for the fellow campers, we ask that the following rules:
The bring your own food is allowed in the camping area. However, please only canned, Plastic bottles, etc.. use. Please refrain Because of the increased accident risk on glass!
Forbidden is also the transportation of fireworks and pyrotechnics, Gas cylinders, Drugs, and weapons of all kinds.
Grilling is permitted only in designated grills. Kindling of open fires is prohibited!
Distribute any advertising of any kind, we may otherwise have to high waste costs.
The organizer can provide no external power supply is available. Generators are not allowed for reasons of noise protection for the Mitcamper!
After 22 Clock no more drums, because there are problems with the residents otherwise.
Please bring garbage in the garbage bags and handed out to the garbage stations.
Out of consideration for the children that dogs are not allowed.
Camping is possible to Monday morning. The place needs to 12.00 Be vacated clock.
Catering / Drinks: Important for all campers - are available starting at 10.00 Clock breakfast with plenty of choice!
A good time to present times the lake right next to the festival site. In between, a dip in! Only 5 Minute walk!
There is ample accommodation available in the region.

Here's hotels and B & Bs:

Tourismusverband S'Innviertel,
Thermenplatz 2, 4943 Gein Berg,

Rooms within 5km:

Zauner Theresa / Kategorie Privatvermieter / Mamling 18a / Such: +43(7723)7186 / Mining, Upper Austria

Sonnenblumenhof / Category Farm / Tel.: +43(0)772341207 / Tel.: +43 (664) 5103702 / Mülheim am Inn, Upper Austria

Höllerhof / Category Farm / Hofmark 2 / Such: +43 (7723) 43764 / Mülheim am Inn, Upper Austria

Host z Winklham / Category inn / Gimpling 7 / Such: +43 (7723) 42414 / Mülheim am Inn, Upper Austria

Hotel Zillners simple inn Cafe *** / Category Hotel, Inn / Phone: +43 (0)7723 – 4 22 69 / Altheim, Upper Austria