Fr.-So. 03.-05. July 2020 Schloss Mamling

Award 2014

The Africa Festival at Castle Mamling recorded 2014 zwei würdige Personen für ihr jahrelanges Engagement für Afrika, einen „Afrika Festival Award Schloss Mamling“ aus.
Hr. Primar Dr. Klaus Tauber "Doctors Without Borders" and Annelies Huber "home international" - Association for intercultural encounters, Education and counseling e.V. in Landshut.


Hr. Primar Dr. Klaus Tauber "Doctors Without Borders"

As for his work at "Doctors Without Borders": After his retirement with 30. September 2007 he graduated in Hamburg in the Bernhard Nocht Institute of 1. April bis Ende Juni 2008 the course of Tropical- and travel medicine. Previously, he had completed the assessment in "Doctors without Borders" in Vienna and in the fall of the PDP- Also made course in Vienna. From December 2008 until the end of August 2009 he had been in Kacheliba in the northwest of Kenya in a project for Kala-azar. From March 2010 until the end of November in Fulbaria near Mymensingh in Bangladesh NM, even here it has traded at a project for Kala-azar. His last assignment with MSF was from mid-December 2011 to mid-July 2012 in Tripolis in Libyen, wobei sie Basic Health Care in Migranten – und IDPs- Have made bearings.
Born in Graz, a specialist in internal medicine has decades of medical work experience. He was, for example, of 1983 until his retirement 2007 Senior physician in a hospital in Upper Austria, Among his many years in charge of a nursing school and taught at the medical faculty of the University of Innsbruck. Klaus Tauber started his medical career many years ago under simple conditions and now they want to terminate the service of disadvantaged people under simple conditions.

Annelies Huber "home international" in Landshut

It is in the district of Mühldorf / Upper Bavaria born and since 1989 Social worker and executive director of the House International - Association for intercultural encounters, Education and counseling e.V. in Landshut. The commitment to the equal coexistence of people of different backgrounds and cultures on site is the contribution of Annelies Huber. Their motives and goals of this work is a deep human conviction of the necessity of each individual to contribute to the success of a human and social society a piece. To provide for a political climate, not allowed, someone because of his skin color, Language, Religion or national origin is discriminated against and marginalized. A decent and appreciative treatment of immigrants and refugees. Spaces for the development and cultural encounters of people with different homelands. Award of the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon 2010. Since 1999 undertook several trips to West Africa v.a. Senegal.
Your focus and activity in the house International are the development of small initiative into a recognized and thoughtful with many prizes intercultural setting , the initiation and construction of many projects: Intercultural Children- and youth work, Integration courses, Refugee aid, Café meeting internationally, Kulturraum Rochuskapelle, Intercultural weeks and construction of the Landshut Africa Day.