Fr.-So. 03.-05. July 2020 Schloss Mamling

Award 2013

The Africa Festival at Castle Mamling recorded 2013 two worthy cultural ambassadors of Africa for your pioneering work with Africa Festival AWARD 2013 Castle Mamling from.


Ambali Bamgbola geboren 1945 in Ilorin, Nigeria, grew in the immediate vicinity of the capital Lagos on. To 1964 he attended Eko Boys High School in Lagos and came 1969 to study in Munich. 1977 he graduated from the Academy of Visual. For more than 30 Years living and working in the bayer. Capital. Unmistakably reflected in his images, the roots of traditional African culture resist. Time in restrained, times in highly expressive color- and shaping can be found topics, in which Bamgbola with social conditions in his homeland and people, who accompanied him on his life, dealing.


Mamadou case was born and raised in Dakar. 1966 he is discovered there, als Maurice Senor Senghor, examined the Director of the National Theatre actor for a movie role. This is so enthusiastic, that he hired him also the same for the Ballet National du Senegal. Already 1967 Mamadou wins case at the Festival de la Danse in Hamamed against a selection of dancers from 14 European and African countries the first prize for the best solo dancer. This is followed by five years of work with the Ballet National du Senegal, where he was appointed Maître de Ballet. Henceforth, Mamadou worked as a dance teacher case, Solotänzer, Choreographer and actor in the film mainly on the stage. With his ensemble he undertakes worldwide tours: 18 Years he traveled on countless concert tours with the Senegalese National Ballet Europe, Asia, Africa sowie Nord- and South America. Dance teacher Mamadou case sees itself as a guardian of the African tradition. Since 1990 lebt Mamadou in München, where he teaches as a teacher of traditional African dance many enthusiastic students. In insider circles dance lessons apply to Mamadou, accompanied by drum music live, not only as a tip, but also as a unique cultural event. Mamadou is one of the few dance teachers, yet all the traditional dance forms (Wolof, Tighten, Djola, Malinke) the culturally rich West Africa and his home country Senegal dominates. "Culture is the, what you must not forget to bring:"Says Mamadou convinced. For him, the artist must be a role model as a cultural medium.