Fr.-So. 06.-08. July 2018 Schloss Mamling


Camel Riding


Camel riding is one of the highlights in the children's program. We also invite adults like a, to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival on the back of a camel.

Projekt des senegalesischen Künstlers Abdou Simbandy Diatta


Abdou Diatta Kommt aus dem Senegal und lebt in Deutschland. Er hat ein Diplom in Grafik und Kommunikation und Malerei und den Master of Fine Arts and Social Sciences, ist Mitglied des African Good Governance Network des DAAD, Referent von Bildungsarbeit beim Eine Welt Netz NRW, Dozent an der Europäischen Kunstakademie und arbeitet für die Jugendfarm bei Lucky Luke e.V

In our creative workshop will find various workshops with Abdou Diatta for our youngest visitors instead. Die Kinder können je nach Lust und Laune, Trommeln, Trommelbau, Batikdruck, Malen, Töpfern, Sandbilder malen, Kinderschminken mit Sonja Huber.


Creativity education is the creation of spaces of action, allow the children about creative and artistic processes access to independent and self-determined forms of expression. This experiential spaces are opened, the work into many areas of a child's everyday life. In addition to the insight into the artistic process and aesthetic experiences, makes the experience of one's own creative expression of courage and self-confidence. Additionally talents can, Inclinations, Preferences but also dislikes be explored.

Autor und Musiker Ibrahima Ndiaye- Voices of Africa for children


„Mitmachgeschichten für Kinder- Klein und Groß“
Amadou Amadou ma and the snake, wanted to have the feet- Participatory Stories from Africa for Children. Unique understands Ibo, his audience- Small and large- with a pleasant mixture of traditional storytelling, Pantomime, Percussion, To inspire dancing and singing. The charismatic Senegalese has become an internationally renowned and one of the most sought-after storyteller Germany. The readings are strongly influenced by the African tradition of the storyteller.