Fr.-So. 06.-08. July 2018 Schloss Mamling



Der Basar ist das Herz des Afrika- Festivals. In Africa, markets are everyday meeting places, which play an important social and cultural role in society.

There you can find items from different African countries. Matter, Instruments, Masks, Leather goods, Sandals, Cosmetics, Soap, Bubble, Candles, Tee, Spices, Tuareg- Jewelry, Recycling Toys, CD's mit tradition or, modern African music, Tisch-deko, Furniture, Korbwaren, Lamps, Mode, Hairstyles, uvm.
Our food stalls will pamper you with culinary delights from West- South and East Africa.



The Tuareg people among the natives of the northern Saharan region. They are a rather light-skinned people, which has been mixed over the years with African nations.
Ahlassan comes from Niger. For many generations his family dominates the special metalwork. The artisans have become artists and manufacture of 925 sterling silver jewelry; Maria Theresa dollars were previously for molten.



Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee plant and most likely also the country, in the preparation of the coffee has been developed. The country is world famous for its coffee, because it is an integral part of daily life. Experience the magic in the pleasant ambience of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The beans are first roasted in an iron pan and then crushed in a mortar. The powder is mixed with water and sugar in a pot-bellied clay, der Jabana, boiled and served in a small cup-like cups. In Ethiopia, coffee is celebrated.

Orientalisches Tee- Tent + Chill Out


Orientalisches Tee- Tent + Chill Out
Herbal Teas, Specialty coffees, Herbal teas, Hot chocolate, Cake, Muffins, sweet balls,…

Sahara Road Cocktailbar aus Kenia


Abu makes Africa dance festival in the fruits of his Sahara Road cocktail bar on the. Attention! Mango has taken over the entire choreography for this year and committed papaya as a solo dancer. Lemon is therefore quite acidic. Lime is pleased to be able to be here and we also.