Welcome to the Africa Festival!

Africa has long fascinated many of us. The continent offers a diverse wealth of different peoples, Cultures, irrepressible lust for life, intoxicating rhythm, Music and dance - here old traditions are still maintained to this day! At Castle Mamling place for the third time for three days instead of African life. The organizers try very primitive style of African art and culture at this festival to present. Cultural exchange is the bridge to mutual understanding and to promote tolerance and respect among peoples. On this unique festival meeting people of different cultures in an appreciative manner successive, the party and dance together.

We do not pursue political issues at this festival, the currently prevailing in the respective countries. The Africa Festival will be a contribution towards a peaceful coexistence. We would like to introduce to visitors the vibrancy and diversity of the African continent. We, the organizers and the community Mining, would be very glad about your visit.